How to cook a classic mant dough

You’ll need For a classic manta test you’ll need: -1 cup water; -500 gram flour; -1 chicken egg; -1 pinch salt. Instruction 1 Prepare a deep container for the preparation of the dough. In the tank, sew flour, preferably several times. Sifted flour is saturated with oxygen, thanks to which the dough will be soft … Read more

How to cook a delicious potato casser

Potato casserole is a win-win option for lunch and dinner. Add a couple of extra ingredients, and the new dish is ready. Fast casserole The preparation of casseroles will take 40-50 minutes, and the result will delight all members of the family. Ingredients casserole with minced meat 5 potatoes 400 g minced meat 1 bulb … Read more

Why do waiters eat for guests?

Facts thing is stubborn, and practice, contrary to the opinion of some “specialists”, stubbornly shows – waiters eat for guests. Kazan poet Avil Gordovski, author of the books “Natural Exchange”, “Spices and Passions”, “Club 28″, “I like it!” , there is such a poem: The new Kazan phenomenon, before whom and the old one is … Read more

How to cook katranan meat

Cathran meat, unlike that of other sharks, does not need pre-processing. It’s enough to soak it in cold water for 2-3 hours. The Japanese have the most recipes that feature shark meat. But it is possible to find dishes from small sharks and in the cooking of the peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin … Read more