Ukrainian borscht: benefit or harm

About the benefit of Ukrainian borscht Ukrainian borscht, prepared according to a traditional recipe, is a perfectly balanced dish. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates — the carriers of energy necessary for normal operation of the whole body, as well as minerals, vitamins and enzymes is such that the best is not necessary. The … Read more

How to use sprouts in food

Benefit  As is known, those products that undergo any treatment (cooking, frying, stewing, etc.) lose their useful properties. As a consequence, the body does not get the necessary enzymes, which are important to humans. Without getting the right amount of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, the body weakens, works worse and ages faster. Sprouts … Read more

Is it useful to children of kefir

The benefit of kefir Homeland of kefir – North Ossetia, it was there that began to produce fermented milk drink on a unique sourdough. Its benefits are evidenced by the health and long life of the Highlanders, and scientists confirm this fact — the product contains a large number of prebiotic bacteria, whose analogues live … Read more

What food gives us energy

Products — sources of life energy It should be understood that life energy and calorie are completely different things. The most calorie foods are usually not very useful, but those that are energy sources are useful undoubtedly. For them, there is even a special definition in “Ayurveda”, they are called “sattwical”. In this category are … Read more

Harm of fried food

The main causes of harmful effects of roast  primarily most studies that are conducted to investigate the effects of fried foods on the human body, consider people who initially have problems with excess weight, with eating behavior. Typically, examples of “fast food” consumption, different food in restaurants and so on are sorted out in such … Read more

Benefits and Harms of Oatmeal;

The benefit of oatmeal porridge Oats is a unique cereal containing B, E, P vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc. Its content of a large amount of antioxidants helps the body resist various negative factors. So, beta-glucan is indispensable in the fight against harmful cholesterol. Eating oatmeal not only lowers cholesterol, but also reduces … Read more

Kefir mushroom and its miraculous properties

What is kefir mushroom Kefir fungus is a protein body, at the beginning of its development resembling brewed rice grains. If the mushroom does not divide and allow it to grow, it will become like a kowl of cauliflower. Under the influence of a whole complex of interconnected microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungi, … Read more

What foods are the most calorious

High-calorie food is divided into three groups: hydrocarbon, protein and fat-containing products. Virtually all diets are built on the exclusion of carbohydrates and fats from the diet. But nutritionists do not advise at all to refuse, for example, sweet fruits or dried fruits, depriving the body of small cuts, it is possible not to withstand … Read more

Useful and medicinal properties of Ceylon cinnamon

Chemical composition and beneficial properties of cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon contains large amounts of fiber, tannins, resin, gum, pectin, insignificant amount of fat, up to 3.5% of essential oil. Due to its special strong aroma and spicy taste, cinnamon is widely used in cooking. Spice is used in salting and marinating mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, in … Read more