What foods contain cholesterol

Foods rich in cholesterol The main harm to the body brings animal cholesterol. In large quantities, it is found in lard and fatty meat: pork, lamb and waterfowl. In smaller numbers, it is present in beef, veal, rabbit and chicken. That’s why those suffering from elevated blood cholesterol should abandon such products or keep their … Read more

When and where the first bread was baked

By eating bread, a person gets all the energy they need, which is contained in cereals. Initially, people didn’t have the idea of bread as they do today. And he looked very different. For example, Jews baked bread in thin plates, which then broke with their hands. It was from them that the expression “break … Read more

Useful properties of currants

Blackcurrant Properties The blackcurrant fruit contains vitamins B, P, pectin substances and essential oils, as well as a large amount of ascorbic acid, $ which persists even when the berries are frozen and preserved.$ Currant increases the body’s resistance and improves appetite, helps to recover from long-term diseases, has sweaty, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties. Currant leaves … Read more

What kinds of halva exists

A bit of history Historians claim that the first time the halva appeared in Iran. At first it was made for harem beauties, but then its purpose expanded, and it began to enter the diet of warriors, who on the rights of a high-calorie dish gave strength and vivacity. Kandalatchi — esteemed and revered by … Read more

Useful properties of linseed flour

Composition of flax flour Linen flour is obtained by grinding the seed. Making it at home will not be difficult, it is enough to fill a handful of seeds in a coffee grinder and grind to a state of powder. Linen flour contains huge amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant proteins, including Omega-3, Omega-6. … Read more

What is useful parsley;

Composition and beneficial properties of Parsley Parsley enriches dishes with vitamins and minerals, as well as gives them a pleasant taste and aroma. Parsley consists of the following elements:– vitamin C–provitamin A –vitamin E –vitamin K – vitamin P– vitamin B– phosphorus– calcium –iron– sodium– potassium. Eating parsley is of great benefit to the female … Read more

What ginger looks

Instruction 1 Ginger is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants comprising one hundred and forty species. In appearance, the plant resembles a reed with long stems and thin lanceolate leaves. Flowers in ginger are large, orange or orange-purple, similar to irises. 2 In the supermarket you can buy a rhizome of light ginger, which in … Read more

7 main rules for keeping cereals and pasta products

Checking and processing after purchase  Choosing grats and pasta in the store, it is better to prefer products in transparent packaging through which you can visually assess their quality. There shouldn’t be a lot of rubbish, lumps, black dots, mold marks and much less insects in a good product. It is also important to check … Read more

Eggplant Slipper

You will need – 4 eggplant; – 300 g minced meat; – 1 carrot; – 1/3 cup rice; – 1 chicken egg; – 1 onion; – 1 tomato; – 100 ml tomato juice; – 50 g green onion; – 100 g cheese (hard varieties); – ground black pepper; – salt. Instructions 1 Prepare the minced … Read more

Can salted salmon be frozen for storage

How to choose the right fish for salting If you compare the cost of finished salted salmon and that sold fresh together with the head and tail, it turns out that it’s much more profitable to buy fresh fish and salt it at home. This method of preparation, such as salting, does not involve any … Read more