What foods contain cholesterol

Foods rich in cholesterol The main harm to the body brings animal cholesterol. In large quantities, it is found in lard and fatty meat: pork, lamb and waterfowl. In smaller numbers, it is present in beef, veal, rabbit and chicken. That’s why those suffering from elevated blood cholesterol should abandon such products or keep their … Read more

Spring – rolls in Vietnamese

You’ll need – rice paper 8 sheets; – shrimp large 8 pcs. – fine rice vermicelli 80 g; – lettuce 2 sheets; – mint; – cilantro ; – basil. For sauce 1 – fish sauce 3 tbsp; – rice vinegar 3 tbsp; – lime juice 2 tbsp; – garlic 1 tooth. ; – sugar 2 … Read more

Cheese souffle

You will need – cheese of hard varieties – 200 g; – butter – 50 g; – vegetable oil – 2 tbsp l. ; – flour – 3 tbsp l. ; – mustard powder – 0.5 tsp. ; – milk 2.5% – 1.5 cups; – eggs – 5 pcs. ; – cognac – 2 tbsp. … Read more

Recipes for dishes with cilanoa

Hungarian salad with cilantro Ingredients:– 100g cilantro;– 400g canned white beans (400g);– 200g feta cheese;– 2 tomatoes;– 1 red pepper – 1 head of red onion– 1 small head of garlic– 1 tbsp grape or apple vinegar– 1/3 tbsp olive or vegetable oil– 1/4 tsp black ground pepper;– salt. Boiled beans can be used instead … Read more

When and where the first bread was baked

By eating bread, a person gets all the energy they need, which is contained in cereals. Initially, people didn’t have the idea of bread as they do today. And he looked very different. For example, Jews baked bread in thin plates, which then broke with their hands. It was from them that the expression “break … Read more

Ukrainian borscht: benefit or harm

About the benefit of Ukrainian borscht Ukrainian borscht, prepared according to a traditional recipe, is a perfectly balanced dish. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates — the carriers of energy necessary for normal operation of the whole body, as well as minerals, vitamins and enzymes is such that the best is not necessary. The … Read more

How delicious is to cook a salad with shrimp.

Instruction 1 Salad with shrimp and squid This salad consists of the most delicate ingredients, so it can easily be called — gentle. The following ingredients will be required for preparation:– 300 g peeled shrimp– 100 g grated cheese– 150 g lightly salted salmon– 2 squid– 2 tomatoes– red caviar– – – mayonnaise;– greens. Squid … Read more

Useful properties of currants

Blackcurrant Properties The blackcurrant fruit contains vitamins B, P, pectin substances and essential oils, as well as a large amount of ascorbic acid, $ which persists even when the berries are frozen and preserved.$ Currant increases the body’s resistance and improves appetite, helps to recover from long-term diseases, has sweaty, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties. Currant leaves … Read more

How to cook pork with chanters

You’ll need – 1 large bulb – 400g chanterelle mushrooms – 1 tbsp flour – butter – ground black pepper – sour cream – vegetable oil – 4 pork schnitzel – mustard and garlic optional Instruction 1 Onion grind and fry on vegetable oil until a golden shade is formed. Add chanterelle mushrooms to the … Read more

Pearl cereal cutlets with curd cheese

You’ll need – 200 g of pearl grits; – half of a large bulb; – a little dried greens; – egg; – 50 g of curd cheese; – breadcrumbs; – salt, pepper. Instructions 1 Boil pearl in slightly salted water for 40 minutes. To make the pearl quickly boiled and was delicious and crumbly, it … Read more