How to refund your study tax

You will need – reference and declaration on Form 2-NDFL; – certificate from educational institution; – contract with educational institution; – copies of payment documents. Instruction 1 Submit a declaration on Form 3-NDFL to the tax authority to issue a tuition deduction. Please specify the amount of income you received during the reporting year, the … Read more

How to accrue VAT on goods

Instruction 1 Set the time to determine the value added tax base at the earliest date: the date of shipment of goods or the day their full or partial payment (Article 167, paragraph 1, of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation) .$ 2 Calculate the proceeds from the sale of goods, adding up all … Read more

Where to take the penalty

Instruction 1 Reflection of penalties in accounting is made according to their type. There are civil and administrative rights groups. The first combines sanctions for breach of contractual obligations, and the second — various penalties that are collected by state agencies: traffic police, Federal Tax Service, CPS, extrabudgetary funds, etc. 2 Fines for violation of … Read more

How to pay taxes in Ukraine

Instruction 1 Get a tax return form from the tax inspection at the place of residence or on the website of the GNAU. When filling it out, specify the taxpayer’s data by inscribing the first name, surname and patronymic, as well as the information about the place of residence and work, identification code, address and … Read more

How does a commodity invoice differ from an invoice?

Invoice invoice in Russia – a tax document of a set sample, which is required to be issued by the seller or contractor. On the basis of the invoices received, the “Book of Purchases” is formed in the company, and on the basis of the issued — “Book of Sales” According to the NC of … Read more

What is tax division by level

Tax division by budget levels In the Russian Federation, according to the current Budget Code, there are three levels of budgets: federal, regional and local , as many levels of power. Each level of government has its own, separate budget, within which the power and carries out financing, expending the income received in the form … Read more

How to learn TIN by passport data

Instructions 1 Open the website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and go to the section “Accounting of individuals”, where click on the link “Learn INN”. On this page you will be able to find out the TIN on your passport data, but only if you have already received your individual number … Read more

How the humanitarian assembly affects the lives of Russians

Charging humanitarian fee in Russia is enshrined in the new chapter 25.1.1 of the Russian National Code and deals with all distributors of advertising. These include (in accordance with article 3 38-FZ, paragraph 7, of 13.03. 2006) persons who distribute advertising “in any way, in any form and using any means”. Starting from 01.01.2021, every … Read more