How to transfer webmoney to bank card

Standard method of transfer of funds The Webmoney system has its banking service, which allows you to transfer from some accounts to others. It operates under the same rules as everyone else. You will need to enter the full name of the owner card, the bank’s BIC, the current account. The note field is filled … Read more

What is a debit card

Not a card, but a wallet Debit card is essentially your e-wallet in which you can store any amount of your funds. And these money is always under reliable protection — it will not disappear and will not be lost. Debit (from lat. debet, which means “he should”) — in this case, the amount of … Read more

Where to start a debit card

What is a debit card When you decide to issue yourself a debit card, you need to open an account with the bank you chose. You can contribute a large amount of money to this account once, which you will then use at your own discretion and withdraw funds from it both in non-cash form, … Read more

How to refund money from ATM

Instruction 1 The first thing to do is to contact the employees serving this ATM. In case the ATM that has accepted the money and has not issued the cheque is in the branch of the bank itself, it is necessary to make claims in writing in this office. In case of the ATM not … Read more

How to use a credit card

You will need – credit card; – passport. Instruction 1 When making a credit card, be sure to check whether the details of the holder, namely, the name and surname, are correctly written. This information is applied to the face of the card. By all means, mark your signature in a special field on the … Read more

How you can put money on a Sberbank card

Instruction 1 Visit the nearest branch of Sberbank. Show the operator your plastic card and ID document. In the receipt, specify the amount you intend to replenish the account and deposit money to the cash desk. Your funds will be credited to the card almost instantly. However, you are unlikely to use them at once: … Read more