How to select a cumulative deposit

The hallmarks of cumulative deposits Replenable contribution is a good way to save your own funds, which allows you to accumulate the necessary amount for any of a major purchase. For example, on a vacation trip, a new car or getting an education. The peculiarity of accumulative deposits consists in the inability to withdraw money … Read more

Unusual ways to attract money

Economic conditions of all civilizations forced humanity to find new ways to attract money. The most reliable and efficient of the techniques have lived to the present day, which is already a reason for their use. Eastern art on the arrangement of fen shui housing has a serious arsenal of methods to attract money. One … Read more

What factors determine the size of MROT

The size of SMROT in Russia is used not only to regulate working relationships, but also to determine the amount of disability benefit, pregnancy and childbirth as well as for other purposes of compulsory social insurance.$ Also in Russia, taxes, fees, penalties are calculated on the basis of SMIC. Distinguish between federal and regional levels … Read more

How to buy companies shares

In order to buy shares of Russian and foreign companies, you need to have a brokerage account – this is your personal account, which you need to open at the brokerage platform. Through a broker you will buy shares on the Moscow or St. Petersburg Exchange. It is almost impossible to do this, because only … Read more

How to earn

You’ll need Computer, Internet, marketing tutorial, pen, notebook. Instruction 1 Think what you know how to do. Write all skills and hobbies on the sheet. Here it is absolutely irrelevant whether you collect stamps, know how to write, knit, embroidery or create programs for computers. The main thing is that it brings pleasure. Only the … Read more

How pregnancy is paid in 2017

Instruction 1 Maternity Benefit can be received not only by women working under employment contracts, but also by those who before it sat at home, as well as university students and individual entrepreneurs. 2 Maternity leave lasts 70 days before birth and 56 after. Exceptions are childbirth with complications and the birth of two or … Read more