How to resist spending money in a store

Instructions 1 Going shopping, squint how much is worth what you want to purchase. Take with you approximately this amount, stocking up on extra money only in case of a possible increase in price of products. So you will not be tempted to buy items or products that are unnecessary to you. 2 Make a … Read more

5 golden rules, how to spend money to all grabs

Long term planning  Large spending is important to plan ahead to assess the possibility of accumulating the necessary amount and see the ultimate goal, saving on everyday purchases. Experts advise each year to compile a list of important and significant spending that you will expect within the next 12 months. Typically, this list includes vacation, … Read more

How to live a rich

Instruction 1 Review the costs. Of course, you can find a better job or open your business, but the very first step on the path to wealth is cutting off unnecessary spending. Throughout the month, record your expenses with utmost care. Probably, at the end of the reporting period, some costs will surprise you quite. … Read more

How to accrue sick list and decree

You will need – a properly executed hospital list, – a certificate from the maternity hospital about the birth of a child, – a certificate from the polyclinic about registration up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, – salary data for the last 24 months. Instruction 1 Calculation of the incapacity sheet shall be made using … Read more

How to live on percent

Instructions 1 Today you can invest money in the bank at 7 -12% per annum. These are average offers of different banks. And the bigger the rate, the more conditions. For example, a bank can make an offer so that it will be possible to withdraw any amount only once a year, after the expiration … Read more

How to budget properly

You will need – income and expenses book; – data on expenses and income of family members; – Calculator; – financial assistance consultant. Instruction 1 Take the rule to discuss financial matters with a partner. In some families, any talk of money is suppressed, considered a topic that is unworthy of discussion and attention. The … Read more

How to save on products

Instruction 1 Go shopping once a week. Think in advance about your sample menu for the week ahead and buy only what you can eat during that time. So you will always have fresh produce on your table. This does not apply to perishable foods such as bread and milk. Remember, it’s always better to … Read more