What documents are needed for loan formation

Compulsory documents that the bank will require when making any loan Naturally, the bank issues loans not out of altruism – this is one of the main items of income credit organizations, so the bank needs guarantees of return not only of the principal amount, but also interest on it. Each bank determines a package … Read more

How to take a loan at minimum interest

The first thing to pay attention to is bank reliability. Large financial companies always lend out on better terms, as opposed to smaller ones. Yes, they can attract the customer under two, or even at one percent, but here you need to carefully examine the contract. Most likely it will be a daily rate, and … Read more

How to deal with collectors in 2017

Instructions 1 When calling or communicating directly with a representative of a collection agency, ask him to introduce himself. Let him name his last name, first name, middle name and position he holds. Also require the name of the agency that the collector represents and the contact details. By telling you this data, the collector … Read more

How to determine the maximum amount of credit

Instruction 1 A number of banks, to determine the maximum loan amount, use the notional calculated value of the “cost of living”. This calculation is produced by analysts of a particular credit institution. The total income of all family members is taken as a basis. Assume that both husband and wife work in a family … Read more

How to be with a delinquent credit

Instruction 1 Try to overborrow money. You can contact another bank or acquaintances. It’s much easier to negotiate a loan with a person than a bank. The faster you pay off the debt, the better, as the penalty is charged daily, and gradually the amount of it can exceed the amount of the loan. 2 … Read more

What is a stop list

Who is included in the bank stop list Being on the bank stop list entails depriving access to many services, and also reduces to zero the ability to get credit at this bank. In case of blacklisting one bank, there is a high probability of getting refusals in others as well. After all, many banks … Read more

What is the object of the credit

The essence of the loan, objects and entities of the loan Credit is a certain kind of relationship related to the temporary transfer of money. It occurs when buying an item not for cash, but with installments of payment. There are always two groups in credit relationships – the borrower and the lender, who are … Read more

8 reasons downgrading borrowers credit ratation

When deciding whether to issue a loan or not, banks rely on the customer’s solvency analysis. The total income and debt burden level is considered, i.e. what monthly mandatory payments take place. A good credit story is important, too. But there are also secondary factors that can affect the decision of the credit organization. 1. … Read more

How to buy a car on credit and not to dive

It is worth mentioning that banks often develop auto lending programs together with car dealers — because both parties are interested in sales, and therefore create offers, to meet the needs of potential buyers as much as possible. Features of car loans You can get a loan for the car in two ways — pushing … Read more

What to pay attention to when auto lending?

Take a calculator and carefully calculate the amount of credit you plan to receive after signing the contract. Divide this amount by the number of months you want to pay the loan. And now, having received the amount, compare it to the one spelled out in the contract you were so rushing to sign. Not … Read more