How to log into your personal account Sberbank Online

You will need – internet access; – Sberbank card; – passwords for login; – connected mobile bank from Sberbank. Instructions 1 To enter your personal account Sberbank Online, you must become a user of the service “mobile bank of Sberbank”. You can connect it at the office of the credit organization, through the ATM, having … Read more

How to define ruble counterfeiting

You will need – glasses or magnifier; – cash notes of different merit. Instruction 1 There are several degrees of protection of currency. It is enough for a simple layman to know the main differences of genuine bills from counterfeit. The considered signs of authenticity of the currency refer to the bill of 1000 rubles. … Read more

What is a mobile bank

Mobile banking functions Often an internet channel is required to perform transactions via mobile banking, less often transactions are carried out using SMS commands. It can be accessed via SMS notifications, special mobile applications or by using a phone with an Internet browser installed. Today, most major banks have their own mobile banking applications. They … Read more

How to use ATM properly

For cash withdrawals, only verified ATMs, which are located in banks and large shopping centres, should be used. It is better to avoid ATMs installed in train stations, squares, markets and streets. This will keep you safe from fraudulent transactions using an ATM. If you decide to use a street cash dispenser, in this case … Read more

How Dollars Printed

Materials for printing dollars Print dollars has its own production technology features. This currency is used all over the world, so its quality must fully correspond to its high status. Dollars are made from special paper, which consists of cotton and linen threads (three-quarters and one-quarter respectively). The paper on which the US currency is … Read more

How shares issue

Instruction 1 Essentially, shares are intended to attract private capital into the turnover of enterprises, so when companies need out-of-pocket funds or are under active development, they issue a certain number of shares. Thus, investments come into the company, which are subsequently returned to the investor-owner of the shares in the form of dividends. 2 … Read more