How to conduct cash operations

You will need -forms of receipt orders; -forms of expendable orders; -cashier-operationist log; -cash book. Instruction 1 Calculate the cash balance limit and provide this payment to your bank. All cash in excess of the limit must be surrendered to the bank. Exceptions to this rule are only five days, starting from the set date … Read more

What documents are needed for loan formation

Compulsory documents that the bank will require when making any loan Naturally, the bank issues loans not out of altruism – this is one of the main items of income credit organizations, so the bank needs guarantees of return not only of the principal amount, but also interest on it. Each bank determines a package … Read more

How to select a cumulative deposit

The hallmarks of cumulative deposits Replenable contribution is a good way to save your own funds, which allows you to accumulate the necessary amount for any of a major purchase. For example, on a vacation trip, a new car or getting an education. The peculiarity of accumulative deposits consists in the inability to withdraw money … Read more

How to take a loan at minimum interest

The first thing to pay attention to is bank reliability. Large financial companies always lend out on better terms, as opposed to smaller ones. Yes, they can attract the customer under two, or even at one percent, but here you need to carefully examine the contract. Most likely it will be a daily rate, and … Read more

Unusual ways to attract money

Economic conditions of all civilizations forced humanity to find new ways to attract money. The most reliable and efficient of the techniques have lived to the present day, which is already a reason for their use. Eastern art on the arrangement of fen shui housing has a serious arsenal of methods to attract money. One … Read more

How to deal with collectors in 2017

Instructions 1 When calling or communicating directly with a representative of a collection agency, ask him to introduce himself. Let him name his last name, first name, middle name and position he holds. Also require the name of the agency that the collector represents and the contact details. By telling you this data, the collector … Read more

How to log into your personal account Sberbank Online

You will need – internet access; – Sberbank card; – passwords for login; – connected mobile bank from Sberbank. Instructions 1 To enter your personal account Sberbank Online, you must become a user of the service “mobile bank of Sberbank”. You can connect it at the office of the credit organization, through the ATM, having … Read more