Rules for Combining Boots with Clothing

There are a number of rules by which you should choose clothes under ankle boots. This original footwear cannot be combined with classic trousers, capri trousers, skirts or maxi dresses of length – if the short boot “presses” the hem, the legs are visibly shortened. Also do not combine ankle boots with curvy skirts – … Read more

What to wear snickers with

Snickers and jeans Snickers are designed to wear them with skinny jeans or boyfriends jeans. The fact is that this ultra-fashionable and comfortable footwear is created as an alternative to sneakers with the only difference that the tankette makes sneakers more versatile and applicable to more images. Full girls shouldn’t be wary of buying snickers. … Read more

What shoes to wear spring

Early spring: shoes for every day With the onset of spring, there is not always an opportunity to immediately retrain into beautiful ankle boots or shoes. The weather dictates its conditions: there is snow somewhere, and the thermometer rarely rises well above zero. So for early spring choose comfortable, spectacular and beautiful boots or boots. … Read more

With what to wear green safety

Green boots for autumn Quality rubber boots such as Hunter, equipped with reflex sole and insulated wool stocking, allow not only look stylishly rainy autumn afternoon, but also keep your feet warm and dryness, which is important in the unpredictable Russian weather. Wide-cut rubber boots are designed to wear them with skinny skinny jeans, oversize … Read more

How to buy tubes

In order to correctly choose suitable shoes for yourself, you must follow the following rules: – understand what occasion these shoes will be worn;– take into account their natural data, age and social status;– decide on the price.$ Determined with the reason Of course, the ideal option would be to pick up for yourself a … Read more

With which wardrobe you can combine uggies

In today’s fashion world, uggs have taken a special place. From practical and comfortable shoes, they turned into a stylish wardrobe accessory. Uggs come in different models – low, tall, with fur trim, light fabric and even knitted options. Recently, uggs with decorative elements – rhinestones, patches are particularly popular. Uggie with a tunic, dress … Read more

Espadrilles – hit season

The idea of espadrilla These lightweight mother shoes have come to the fashion world from the south of France and Spain. The first copies of shoes were made by peasants, attaching to the rope-soled top of the sails. For fidelity, an additional rope was sewn to the shoe, which served as a fixing agent, blaming … Read more

How to choose shoes for summer season

How to choose? Summer shoes should meet many requirements, for example, be practical and easy to clean from dirt and dust, comfortable when walking, because these shoes are most often worn without stockings or tights. It should also be versatile, i.e. suitable for both office and leisure; summer shoes should be equally good to make … Read more

Rules for Selection of Cross

You’ll need to take a little time to read and you’ll learn how to choose the right sneakers. Instruction 1 Go for the new sneakers closer to the evening. Our legs are swelling a little bit at this time. If you wear your shoes to play sports, there may be problems due to the wrong … Read more