Why you cant buy Kodelak and Pentalgin without a prescription

The chemical codeine belongs to the alkaloid group. It is found in opium or synthesized from morphine. Codeine is able to reduce headache or toothache and suppress unproductive cough. Unlike morphine, this alkaloid hardly makes breathing and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract difficult. Therefore, in pharmaceuticals it is used for the production of combined … Read more

How to make feints on keyboard

Instruction 1 Set the standard keyboard layout. The following combinations and techniques are specified only for the default control settings. If you want to adapt combinations for yourself, just remember what elements you change when customizing. 2 In FIFA, feints are preserved from series to series (10-12 years). However, in recent versions their use is … Read more

Chef of Sakhalin Restaurant and Technicum Gastrobistro Vitaly Istomin presented his first book, “Unboring Food”!

“Unboring food”! brings readers to the trend on creative, but accessible to everyone. The chef helps not to be afraid of experimentation, especially in the most classic dishes, which sometimes need to be “refreshed” with unconventional ingredients. Soups, salads, poke and rolls, in which avocado takes the place of rice: even if you are a … Read more

How to deal with a house fung

You will need – antiseptics; – copper cuporos; – iron cuporos; – roller or brush; – soldering lamp; – shovel; – Sodium fluoride – Creosote.$ Instruction 1 When the house fungus appears, it is necessary to take measures first to get rid of excessive humidity in the room. Carry out a complex of waterproofing and … Read more

How to get rid of dust ticks

The first thing to do in the fight against dust mites is to free the apartment from unnecessary things collecting and accumulating dust: carpets, skins, heavy bedspreads, portiere and an abundance of soft toys. Pillows with feather fillers are more often taken out in bright sun or frost for ventilation, clean, because it is quite … Read more

When sales start in Europe

In Italian retail chains, the summer sales of 2012, starting in the first days of July, will end at the end of September. Winter discounts on goods in different provinces will start in the first week of 2013 and last 60 days.  At this time in the Apennine Peninsula you can buy clothes of local … Read more