Fashion for silver decorations

Silver jewelry If you look at silver and gold products, it will become clear that more ideological jewelry among the silver ones. Jewelers portray with silver massive earrings with intricate curls, mysterious pendant symbols, large rings with semi-precious stones. It turns out that silver is suitable for individualists who want to stand out with unusual … Read more

How to wear jewelry with pearls

Gentle pearls do not need processing, such decorations are always classics of style. Accessories are combined with almost any outfits, from evening to business. However, decorations, according to the belief, are contraindicated to unmarried women. By age and color type Modern ladies are skeptical about such acceptance. Moreover, the same superstitions claim that it is … Read more

How to choose emeralds?

What you need to know about emeralds of Emeralds is generally classified according to their hue: it will depend on it and the cost of the mineral. The color of the emerald is determined by its chemical composition, namely the number of impurities of vanadium, iron, chromium. In special tables you can find the following … Read more

Earrings with jad

Model earrings with jade jade is a mineral that has a white-green color, but it is possible to find red, yellow, blue, black stone color. It is the green jade in jewelry that has great value. There are many models of beautiful earrings using jade. For example, silver earrings with jade look bright and stylish. … Read more

What diamonds are

A huge number of different systems of classification of gems and diamonds have been created so far. The most used among them is the 4C system, which allows you to estimate the stone according to the following parameters: Carat (weight in carats), Color (color), Clarity (cleanliness), Cut (cut) — in this sequence. If you talk … Read more

Golden Ball Earrings

Types of earring balls Earrings made of gold look concise and stylish, they complement any image well. There are many execution options, so any lady will pick up a pair of such cute earrings. Short gold earring balls. Earrings with small balls can be put on both the event and work. These earrings are good … Read more

How to make jewelry sparkle

You will need – glass of water; – aluminium foil; – 1 tbsp of dish detergent; – 1 tbsp of salt; – 1 tbsp of soda. Instructions 1 Put a glass with cold tap water in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. 2 Take a slice of aluminum foil and toss it to the bottom of … Read more

Jewelry with topazom

Jewelry with topaz silver  topaz is most often translucent, has a delicate color, it goes well with silver. This stone is quite dense, so the accessories with it look majestic. Of the silver decorations with topaz, rings are the most popular. Here we have to choose a large stone. Jewelers very rarely use topaz together … Read more

What wedding rings should be

Model engagement rings Traditionally, wedding rings have a smooth surface that symbolizes an even and good husband and wife relationship. The wedding sign states that rings with a faceted or grooved surface with a protruding stone can be the cause of constant quarrels. For the same reason, it is desirable that the decoration be made … Read more