How to do a Greek band

Instruction 1 To make a Greek armband in the form of a trendy thin leather ribbon, you’ll need a strap or collar for small ones dogs, or just a piece of skin and a buckle. Also, prepare gum and thread. It’s better if they’re in a strap tone. 2 Take a centimeter and measure, the … Read more

What you can wear winter shorts with

Shorts in winter: the right top Winter shorts is a separate category of clothing. Rare summer models can be worn during the cold period. Either the color would be inappropriate, or the material. Therefore, for winter stylists offer to choose warm and comfortable shorts, combining them with a comfortable and beautiful top. Special attention should … Read more

Fashion Manicure 2020

Fashion Trends Manicure 2020 1. Long live naturalness! Fashionable this season natural beauty has spread to manicures. It is best to leave the nails briefly cropped, slightly rounded, oval or almond-shaped. Lacquer in this case is selected with pastel shades: pink, peach or beige. The latter is the most sought after. It is its warm … Read more

Is a woman in mens cloth

Women in men’s suits: how organic it is Long time women were instructed to wear dresses and skirts. Appearing on the street wearing men’s clothing was an insult. The woman could be forced to change only by special decree for any province. However, every society had its own revolutionaries. They bravely broke their foundations by … Read more

How to dress in normcore style

What is normcore  The essence of style — stand out without standing out. Designers constantly stamp trends, following them we do not emphasize their own personality and style, but only corresponds to thousands of other fashionistas. That’s exactly how worshippers of normcore think. They treat clothes exactly as a rag with which to cover the … Read more

Fashion 2014: club plates

Fashionable club dresses For a party in the club, you should choose the most comfortable dress, which should not curtail movements. Of course, the dress should be stylish. Now there are many different styles for every taste. Club dresses come in varying lengths, with drapery and slits. The choice of young girls often falls on … Read more