How to change denies

You will need – scissors; – bleach with chlorine; – pan; – zipper; – sewing machine; – rivets; – rhinestones, appliqués, sequins, beads; – grater; – razor. Instruction 1 Jeans, which have lost shape and extended at the knees, are best redone in shorts. To do this, simply trim your pants to the desired length. … Read more

How to pick up a swimsuit on a small breast

Basic principles of swimsuit selection First of all you need to remember that the bodice should fit perfectly in size. Sometimes girls with very small breasts buy a separate swimsuit with a larger than needed size bra to visually increase the bust. However, the effect is exactly the opposite: the swimsuit looks ridiculous and only … Read more

How best to wear mens denies

You will need – jeans; – label indicating clothing style; – outerwear; – shoes. Instruction 1 Along with jeans it is better to wear sports shoes, such as stylish sneakers. If you don’t like sneakers, you can wear shoes. Young people can safely wear even classically black shoes with jeans. 2 As for outerwear, combined … Read more

How to combine anthracite in cloth

About color Anthracite color is in the middle between deep black and muted gray. Thus, he kind of combines two of these shades, bringing his unusual note into them. Often anthracite is distinguished by a steel cast or a softer, pinkish hue. Sometimes the color anthracite is called griffle because of the similarity to the … Read more

Wedding dress: buy or rent?

Cons of renting a wedding dress If you are averse to the very thought that such an important thing as a wedding dress, someone has already worn, do not hesitate and go for a purchase, even that will hit your wallet or you have to choose from a limited number of options. In addition, to … Read more

What to wear palazzo pants

Excuses in the history of the  Palazzo pants owe their appearance to Coco Chanel, who first demonstrated the model in the early 30s. And three dozen years later saw their triumphant return thanks to Emilio Pucci. Since then, palazzo has periodically knocked out into trends, taking a decent place in fashionistas’ closets. They look like … Read more