Characteristics of Lacoste brand style

Brand concept All clothing, footwear and accessories produced by Lacoste brand has the highest quality. Since the release of the first collection, the company has gained itself a good reputation among consumers, so now the management of the firm considers it impossible to retreat from a given course. In this regard, the company has even … Read more

Worlds Most Famous Designers

Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) The most famous female fashion designer who conquered society with her revolutionary ideas is the incomparable Coco Chanel. Her most famous inventions in the fashion world are a small black dress and perfume “Chanel №5”. Coco Chanel brand is a wonderfully harmonious blend of simplicity, elegance and chic. Dolce and Gabbana … Read more

How to distinguish Ray-Ban fake

Instruction 1 Look at the packaging. It should be a grey cardboard box with a bright red Ray-Ban logo at its centre. In the end of the box with original glasses must be a sticker with factory markings: article of the model of glasses (e.g. 0RB3025 W3276 *3N 58/135), barcodes and name of the manufacturer … Read more

CHANEL watches: choose original

The main features of the Chanel watch, produced under the Chanel brand, is primarily distinguished by an impeccable design. To make them even more luxurious, designers of the brand choose sapphire crystals, precious metals and stones, high-end high-tech mechanisms, ceramics of the best quality. Of course, in the manufacture of counterfeits, all these materials are … Read more

How to distinguish burberry from counterfeit

Brand Stores – Quality Guarantee Theeasiest to avoid counterfeiting by shopping at the right stores. It’s unlikely a brand thing worth a couple thousand dollars will sell in an unremarkable store. So it is quite logical that you can buy a real thing from Burberry in boutiques that are official representatives of this brand. Or … Read more

How to distinguish a counterfeit tissot

Instruction 1 To distinguish a Tissot counterfeit, find out the price. Conditionally, all copies are divided into 3 types. Surface copies, having a huge number of flaws that can be noticed by naked gaze even if you are not much versed in the clock. For example, these disadvantages include the displacement and blurring of numbers, … Read more