Most unusual watches in the world

Most complicated watch This unit is not just able to specify time. The Aeternitas Mega 4 watch face contains as many as 19 arrows indicating hours and minutes, date, day of the week, time zone and even moon phases. The clock is equipped with a rehearsal, thanks to which can fight back every quarter of … Read more

Value and magical properties of pearles

Magic pearl stone pearl is a stone of organic origin that is nurtured in the shell of special shellfish. Its base can be any sand or other substance that has gone inside the shell. The mollusk intensively begins to envelope its layer by layer of mother-of-pearl, protecting its dwelling. This is how pearls are born. … Read more

How to wear glasses without problem

Necessity  History of glasses goes back many centuries. No one specifically knows who created them first. People’s vision problems have always existed. The phenomenon of this especially became relevant these days. Now many people have switched to wearing lenses, but also the need for glasses has not become less. Tips The most unpleasant time for … Read more

With what to carry a green bag

For everyday wear a bag-bag or military-style suit. You can combine this accessory with blue or dark blue jeans. If the bag is a delicate green colour, it is allowed to complete the ensemble with black or dark grey topping, on top of which you can wear a jacket or a cropped coat of pastel … Read more

Rings. The rules of wearing

Rings should definitely be worn on a certain finger, according to style accessories. For pinkies of both hands suitable a small small small gold or silver ring without stone. On this shoulder you can wear an accessory with modest inconspicuous inclusions of colorless elements: diamonds, diamonds, zircon. If the decoration does not contain inserts with … Read more

How to choose a watch as a gift to a man

Who and when to give a watch? Agood wrist watch can be given on a variety of occasions. It could be a gift on the occasion of graduation or diploma protection. Clocks can be given on various anniversaries, decorating them with appropriate engraving. Remember, if you’re going to give a watch to a wedding, it … Read more

How to tie headscarves nicely

You will need – handkerchiefs of different sizes; – brooch or decorative pin; – beads. Instruction 1 Try turning a large silk or cashmere handkerchief into a graceful headdress. It comes in handy when travelling in an open convertible or for walking. In addition, this handkerchief perfectly complements the light spring coat of the classic … Read more

Swarovski crystals: what it is and what is their uniqueness

Treat rhinestones so as to give them maximum resemblance to diamonds. The brand “Swarovski” produces both mass class products and exclusive copies. Not only are they popular as decorations, but they are also sought after in the decor of clothing, accessories and interior. A Brief History Founded by Daniel Swarovski, the company releases: pearls; beads; … Read more

Choosing the brides bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet: selection criteria The choice of composition depends on the height, set and style of the bride, as well as on the cut of her dress. Miniature girls go small flowers and rounded shapes. The same compositions are ideal for simple outfits of different lengths. A small dress in the style of the 60s … Read more