Can women not wear a bra

Bra: the controversial necessity Bra “works” to benefit female beauty and attractiveness. He helps girls feel irresistible, get male attention. With the help of modern models you can not only form a beautiful shape, but also visually add a pair of sizes to the bust. In addition, the bra also has a protective function. It … Read more

Rules for Combining Boots with Clothing

There are a number of rules by which you should choose clothes under ankle boots. This original footwear cannot be combined with classic trousers, capri trousers, skirts or maxi dresses of length – if the short boot “presses” the hem, the legs are visibly shortened. Also do not combine ankle boots with curvy skirts – … Read more

What to wear snickers with

Snickers and jeans Snickers are designed to wear them with skinny jeans or boyfriends jeans. The fact is that this ultra-fashionable and comfortable footwear is created as an alternative to sneakers with the only difference that the tankette makes sneakers more versatile and applicable to more images. Full girls shouldn’t be wary of buying snickers. … Read more

Most unusual watches in the world

Most complicated watch This unit is not just able to specify time. The Aeternitas Mega 4 watch face contains as many as 19 arrows indicating hours and minutes, date, day of the week, time zone and even moon phases. The clock is equipped with a rehearsal, thanks to which can fight back every quarter of … Read more

How to change denies

You will need – scissors; – bleach with chlorine; – pan; – zipper; – sewing machine; – rivets; – rhinestones, appliqués, sequins, beads; – grater; – razor. Instruction 1 Jeans, which have lost shape and extended at the knees, are best redone in shorts. To do this, simply trim your pants to the desired length. … Read more

How to do a Greek band

Instruction 1 To make a Greek armband in the form of a trendy thin leather ribbon, you’ll need a strap or collar for small ones dogs, or just a piece of skin and a buckle. Also, prepare gum and thread. It’s better if they’re in a strap tone. 2 Take a centimeter and measure, the … Read more