How to satisfy a woman

Instruction 1 To satisfy a woman, you need to tune in to her wave. Feel her, tune in. In this very help two psychological receptions – “mirroring” and simultaneous breathing. First try to get into a rhythm with the woman, notice when she inhales air when exhales. Accelerate or slow your own breathing. “Immaculate” is … Read more

Acrobatics in sex

You can increase your enjoyment by combining sex and acrobatics. Some poses you may not be subdued at once, it is better to start with simple erotic exercises that will help to gain the necessary shape. Consider one variant of the “woman on top” pose. Put the partner on his back, ask him to press … Read more


So what is it – sex drive? It represents the secret desires of a person that are related to sex. Testosterone is responsible for this in both men and women. The more in the body, the sex drive will be stronger. But still sex life is affected by the state of the psyche, as well … Read more

What a man dreams

1. Threesome sex. Many men dream of having at least three of them in bed. But everyone wants different ways, that is to say that the third was either a man or a woman. 2. Peeping. This is a special category of male desires. A lot of people would like to look after the girl … Read more

What men have hidden sexual signals

Why hide interest? Raised eyebrows are an excellent indication of a man’s interest. And usually raised eyebrows are adjacent to the open expression of the face – open mouth, constant smile, slightly squinted eyes. When a man likes someone, it reads across his face. You can understand whether a man has a sexual interest in … Read more

How to bring a woman to orgasm

Female orgasm — what is it? Orgasm is the highest degree of sexual enjoyment. But men and women are arranged differently. And if for the former it is a stable completion of intercourse, for the latter it is more than that. It is much easier for a man to achieve orgasm, because the erogenous zones … Read more

Does it hurt to lose virginity

So conceived by nature Many people, especially romantic ladies, are no strangers to doubts about the intimate sphere. First and foremost, questions arise when the new side of the relationship with the opposite sex is to be opened. Thoughts about loss of innocence are often frightening, but should not screw yourself. After all, so many … Read more

How to a girl prepare for sex

Instruction 1 Think well, do you really want to have sex with a man? If you are not sure that you love him and will be together in the future, do not defame yourself. Some men try to get hold of a woman’s trickery without planning a long relationship with her. It is better to … Read more

Is it possible to contract gonorrhea with oral sex

What is gonorrhea and how does it manifest? Gonorrhea is an infectious disease of the genitourinary system caused by gonococci and sexually transmitted. In women, the disease is expressed by symptoms such as: pain at the bottom of the abdomen and puffiness of the external genitalia, irregular menstruation and appearance of purulent secretions from the … Read more