Family Reading: Tales to Children of Responsibility

Responsiveness is good! A responsive person cannot pass by the sufferer, cannot fail to provide assistance and do not deliver joy, cannot leave the patient unattended. It’s just necessary to tell the child. Otherwise, how would he know that helping people is good? “ Grandmother with Raspberries” Victor Astafyov has a story “Grandma with Raspberries” … Read more

Family Reading: Stories of Care and Helping People

“Mitrić’s Christmas” The desire to bring joy to people is well described by Nikolai Teleshov in the short story “Mitrić’s Christmas”. The hero – Mitrić – the guardian of the barrack, where they brought homeless orphans. He called them “God’s children.” Under Christmas, he conceived a holiday for them. Knocked out a Christmas tree. I … Read more

What to read to schoolchildren about loving animals?

Reading small short stories  In today’s society, children’s interest in literature is increasingly declining. Conscious parents, of course, look for a way out and try to teach children to reading. For indefatigable reading you can recommend short but capacious stories and stories about human attitudes to animals. The story of Valeeva M.D. “Alien” The writer … Read more