How to deal with humority

Instruction 1 Most often women suffer from domestic rudeness. Husbands consider it possible to tear down on them anger for their failures at work, for disrespect of friends, and even for losing their favorite team. Most often, this behavior comes from childhood, the child saw how dad communicates with his mother, and adopted this manner. … Read more

How to return romantic

Instruction 1 Give the second half more time. Do not completely “dissolve” in a weekday routine and think only about yourself and your affairs. Interested with your partner, how he spent the day, what happened new in his life. It is mutual interest that can form the basis of romantic relationships. Give your loved one … Read more

How to calculate a deceiver: 10 signs of change

Emotional remoteness One of the main signs of treason is reduced emotional attachment of the spouse. This can manifest itself in the form of frequent depressions, self-centered behavior, ignoring partner interests, indifferent attitudes to family problems, etc. If you notice similar signs in behavior your spouse, you need to think about your relationship. Discontent and … Read more