What to give parents with first pay

What to give parents Since the first salary is rarely large, it is not worth breaking on expensive gifts. They should be first and foremost memorable. Postcards, figurines, key chains, radio greetings, souvenir certificates are all suitable options. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on such a gift, what matters is the meaning … Read more

Is it possible to learn to understand your parents?

There are lots of different problems that adult children face. These problems address family and age psychology. Parents most often need to understand and accept that their children have grown up and it’s time to leave the “native” home. But there are often problems among grown children themselves as well, and psychologists suggest some ways … Read more

How to apologize to mom

Instruction 1 Don ‘t be afraid to apologize if you’re guilty. The closest people – parents, mom, will definitely forgive you. And they will not force disposition, as sometimes partners arrive. Relatives have enough of your first step, then they will happily quit forming a relationship. 2 If you hesitate to apologize in person, do … Read more