Where best to know

Instruction 1 Sometimes queues are too long. If you have a young man standing in line for a ticket to a movie or theater – it’s a reason to talk to him. Many gentlemen go to the movies without their soulmate. Try wondering which movie is worth watching, and it’s possible that the guy will … Read more

How to be a good girlfriend

Instruction 1 Be able to rejoice for a friend. You may be angry at other people’s successes while your business isn’t going very, but when a friend tells you she’s been promoted at work and the spouse plans to give her a birthday car, you owe it please along with a person dear to you. … Read more

How to be friends with a boy

Instruction 1 Friendship between a boy and a girl is very strong. Friends learn to analyze the behavior of the opposite sex, understand how to talk, how to submit themselves. But in the process of close communication, a sense of genuine affection often devolves into love. And one of the partners is not ready for … Read more

How to be a mans friend

Instruction 1 Friendship is a complex relationship system. Friends communicate, help each other, spend time together and enjoy it. Friendship does not tolerate envy, lies, intrigues and gossip, as it is built on trust and understanding. At the same time, each of the friends has their own life, including personal. You shouldn’t forget that by … Read more

How to Fight Enemy

Instruction 1 If your friend likes to be scandalized and is ready to arrange a slope with you because of any little thing, it is necessary to remember that the main goal scandalist – to provoke the response of the interlocutor. The best tactic in this case is to stay outwardly calm and indifferent to … Read more

Where to meet an older man

Need for communication A person needs communication regardless of age. It is necessary a person who will listen, express his opinion, tell interesting stories from his life, will be a pleasant interlocutor. If so it happened that over the years friends didn’t remain, there is no second half nearby, adult children left in different cities, … Read more

What can I talk to a guy about

Communicating with a stranger guy You are very lucky if a young man himself shows initiative in communication, finds topics for conversation, striking girls with his circumstance and intelligence. But this is not always the case. And finding the right words is sometimes very hard. However, there are certain topics that do not oblige you … Read more