How to seduce a man

In the hands of a skillful woman, seduction is capable of provoking the appearance of first sympathy. There are several basic rules of behavior of a woman, having mastered which, it will not be difficult to seduce a man. Sexuality and femininity in the art of seduction Men love with eyes, so do not hesitate … Read more

How to coquet

How to coquette properly? Real flirtatiousness is always as natural as flirtatious women are volatile, charming, promising, but at the same time they can lose interest, keep their fans at a distance and excite their hearts with smiles and languid looks. Clever flirtatiousness, not irritating a man with its inappropriateness, is not inherent to everyone. … Read more

What men can you meet on dating sites

Unpromising dating The first type of men – confident macho. They are quite rare, but are what the absolute majority of men aspire to. Macho have a whole bouquet of qualities that so attract women — generosity, beauty, masculinity, charm… Unfortunately, macho on dating sites are most often fake. They pretend that they are ready … Read more

How to behave with a male scorpion

Instruction 1 Male Scorpions are highly demanding intellectually and to buddies, and as a companion of life to them definitely I want to see an erudite person. Therefore, if you want to like Scorpion and then keep it to yourself, enrich your vocabulary, read more, abandon the use of slang and learn how to write … Read more

How a woman in love being

Instruction 1 In a society likable to her men, a woman often behaves differently. Changes can be very different: the hooter suddenly becomes modest and shy, the iron business lady begins to treat the object of breathing with patties of her own cooking and recommend putting on hat – on the street frost, quiet begins … Read more

How girls see guys

Instruction 1 First, appearance. In order to look handsome in a girl’s eyes, it’s not necessary to have DiCaprio’s face and Stallone’s figure. Male beauty in masculinity and in the ability to follow his appearance. Clean hair, neat clothes that go to you, trimmed nails and stuffed shoes – here are the basics of the … Read more

How to Become a Girl Pickuper

Instruction 1 Create yourself a bright and attractive image. Obviously, a girl not even having an interesting appearance, but stylishly dressed and able to serve herself has a better chance of successfully introducing the opposite sex than a beauty dressed in shapeless clothes and not using makeup. Visit a fashion hairdresser, consult a stylist and … Read more

How to behave with a sheep

Instruction 1 Aries is a real male male. He is not afraid of responsibility for his actions, bravely takes risks, can take the role of leader without difficulty. And beside himself he wants to see a woman — nice, gentle, caring. Your femininity must manifest itself in character traits, actions, and appearance. With softness and … Read more

What types of women dont like men

Instruction 1 Most men are negative about women’s tears. In this case, what is meant is not an isolated manifestation of weakness, but permanent depressions. If the girl hides tears answers to questions or thus leaves from serious conversation, it is likely that long such behavior the man will not tolerate. Also, constant conversations about … Read more