6 sure signs date failed;

After a failed date on the shower becomes hard, there are doubts about how to behave next. It can be difficult to understand feelings. Psychologists advise paying attention to the signs that accompany all failed encounters. Getting to know them will help to better understand the situation. After that, perhaps, there will be relief, as … Read more

How at the very beginning of a date to understand that in front of you is a “soulmate”?

Who are the “halves” and the dangerous relationship with them  “Lamb” or “halves” consider the family union in terms of commodity and monetary relations. As a rule, the financial division in such couples begins with the proposal to pay equally for the entire general life — utilities, products, entertainment, vacation. Some women, inspired by European … Read more

Once again pro coffee, or Why men are less likely to pay for a girl on a date

Opinion of sociologists  In the 20th century, the relationship between men and women has changed a lot. Women have achieved equal rights with men. Modern emancipated ladies can dress in men’s clothing, do not use cosmetics, earn no worse than many members of the strong sex and defend their rights everywhere and everywhere. Many modern … Read more

What to give to a loved man

Instruction 1 Shaver is the perfect gift for those who doubt with the correctness of a surprise selection. Nowadays there are a huge array of body kits, razors along with moisturizing creams. Stop your choice only on what your man actually needs. And now that he’s taking a shower, he’ll have to remember the love … Read more

How on a date to kiss a girl

Instruction 1 Don’t hurry to kiss a girl already on the first date. Usually people have different opinions about when this is best done, however it is thought that at the first meeting the pair do not yet know each other too well to get closer. A second date is best for that. If you … Read more

How to be a mystery to a girl

Instruction 1 Do not plan meetings a week ahead. Be unpredictable and sudden. After work, call her, find out where she is, and tell her you’ll stop by in 15 minutes. Girls don’t like being taken by surprise, but sometimes such a spontaneous date can be held. 2 Tell less about yourself. No stories of … Read more