Useful read. Tales of a difficult moral choice

“Grandfather Archip and Legnka People’s lives affect a lot. To the fate of his grandfather Arkhip and his grandson Lenka in the story M. Gorky’s revolution intervened. They have among many become beggars and destitute. From Russia moved to Kuban, because more alms were served in the south. While waiting for the ferry, grandfather Arkhip … Read more

Useful read. Stories of sparrows

“Sparrows Traveller and writer V. Peskov did not leave out this bird. His observations and notes on sparrows are interesting and instructive. Man has known sparrows since childhood. Their song is a simple tweet. And they themselves are combative and fussy. An interesting story happened to sailors who sheltered sparrows on the ship. He sailed … Read more

How to substantiate your opinion in writing at the EGE? The problem of historic preservation

Instruction 1 When writing an essay on the Russian language in the EGE format, it is important to choose an argument to confirm your opinion. For example, the theme is preservation of historical memory. Here you can remember famous personalities. People who contributed to the history of their hometown, village or village. 2 You can … Read more

How the position of a class leader

Traditionally, class management contacted the organization of educational work with children. In pre-revolutionary Russia there were pedagogical posts in educational institutions, which involved the supervision and upbringing of children. Already since the time of Peter the Great in military educational institutions began to introduce positions of officers – educators. During the second half of the … Read more

How to write an EGE essay on the text of V. Astafyeva “One wish was for Lieutenant Boris Kostyayev: rather…”

You’ll need Text B. Astafyev “One wish was for Lieutenant Boris Kostyayev: rather to leave this farm, from the mutilated field away…” Instruction 1 Astafyev V.’s text on how Soviet soldiers treat prisoners. Some, gripped by hatred due to the deaths of relatives, could suddenly take up arms and start shooting. Others, realizing that such … Read more

Useful read. Stories of heroism

“Captain Gastello” Feats performed throughout the war military of different specialties in different situations. The main goal of Soviet soldiers was enemies. To destroy them, regardless of any danger, risking their lives and even sacrificing it — such was the motto of Soviet soldiers. In the story of S. Alexeyev described the case as pilot … Read more

How to write an EGE essay on the text B. Vasiliev “On the necessity of labor, about its beauty, miraculous power…”

You’ll need Text B. Vasiliev “The necessity of work, its beauty, miraculous power and magical properties in our family has never been said…” Instruction 1 Reading the text, it is necessary to focus on what the author says about work and how he himself relates to work: “Writer B. Vasiliev raises the topical problem of … Read more