How to study – full-time or part-time?

Positives of distance learning Initially, the opportunity to study in correspondence was created for working people who do not have the opportunity to attend lectures. The second way can be evening training, however even it is not available if the person lives and works very far from the university. Thus, the correspondence department is convenient … Read more

Where to go on economist

Instructions 1 Get higher education in one of the universities in the capital. In Moscow, a number of universities, academies and institutes train economists. You can become a head in the economic sphere by graduating from the State University of Management. One of the most prestigious majors of Moscow State University is also economics. 2 … Read more

What faculties are in MSU

Faculties of Accurate Sciences One of the priorities of MSU is the training of mathematicians. It is held at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. A student can choose one of the specializations within the faculty – mathematics, mechanics or mathematics in economics. MSU Mehmat students regularly take prizes at international Olympiads. Those who are … Read more

How to learn an exam in a day

Instruction 1 Prepare all necessary material for preparation. These can be lectures, formulas, sample tasks, drawings, sketches. Search in advance for a list of questions or a list of topics that you should necessarily cover during preparation. Pay special attention to topics that were given by the teacher for independent study. They are the ones … Read more

Where you can go to St. Petersburg

Instructions 1 Get quality humanitarian education at one of the universities in St. Petersburg. You can become a good philosopher, linguist or historian by entering Leningrad State University. Pushkin. In this university there are also faculties of mathematics, psychology, economics. 2 At the Russian State Pedagogical University named after M. Herzen can obtain higher education … Read more

How to learn tickets in a day

Instruction 1 Tune into a long and difficult job. In the next day you have to remember a huge amount of information. Try to create the most comfortable conditions. It is unlikely to be remembered if a little child runs nearby or neighbors make repairs. The minimum amount of external stimuli is the key to … Read more

How to choose an institution

Instructions 1 Find out what the situation is with universities in your city, in particular, whether there is training in your specialty. Make a list of higher education institutions offering an interesting specialization for you. If you haven’t found suitable programs in your city, consider other cities. Don’t be limited to the capital and St. … Read more

Where can you go by passing social knowledge

Instruction 1 Social studies exam is a basic subject, including in the list of exams required by many universities. It is necessary to understand what specific set of examinations the future applicant will take. Russian language and mathematics should be taken as a basis, so they are mandatory subjects.If to supplement this collection only with … Read more