English: simple and independent

The best teacher is travel. Getting into the foreign-language environment, you immediately immerse yourself in the world of other people’s words and expressions. Even if you don’t want to, you’ll have to learn and pin down basic phrases and expressions. And a good and strong basis is half a time. Read books in English. It … Read more

What language to learn is difficult

What languages are the hardest to learn? In an environment, linguists often wonder which language is the hardest to learn. In total, there are about 2,650 languages and 7,000 dialects in the world. They all have their own grammatical system and features. Languages that share common roots with a native language for humans are thought … Read more

How to learn a foreign language quickly

You’ll need Training Course, Dictionary, Internet, Computer, Pen and Paper. Instruction 1 To successfully master any language, you must have a strong motivation. Without it, as a rule, you can’t learn a language. It also plays a big role if it is worth choosing which language to teach at a given time. So always choose … Read more