Introduction to copywriting. Part 1

The entire world history of advertising is the history of copywriting if you consider this craft in its true purpose. It is the word for centuries that has borne that “selling moment”, which is the main driver of advertising. Design, as a sales tool, only became significant in the mid-20th century, the basic function always … Read more

Why Gogol called Dead Souls poemy

Genre selection During the period of working on “Dead Souls” Gogol called his work then “agenda”, “novel”, “poem”. Having finally defined the genre of “Dead Souls” as a poem, the writer wanted to thereby emphasize the main features of his work: its epicness, broad generalizations, and deep lyricism. It was the epic that Gogol considered … Read more

How to understand the proverb wedge bounce

History of appearance of the proverb Wedge bouncing – this proverb most of the Russian-speaking population hears from their parents, friends and acquaintances. However, not everyone understands its meaning, because the story of this proverb goes back to the distant past, when a wedge was thrown in a literal sense. It is believed that the … Read more

English: simple and independent

The best teacher is travel. Getting into the foreign-language environment, you immediately immerse yourself in the world of other people’s words and expressions. Even if you don’t want to, you’ll have to learn and pin down basic phrases and expressions. And a good and strong basis is half a time. Read books in English. It … Read more

How to write a write-reason

Learn a topic An important step when writing a coming-reasoning is a detailed study of the topic. You have to be very well informed, otherwise it will be impossible to make up a reasoned, holistic text. Use books, internet and other sources to get the most information for your upcoming work. Main thesis Make up … Read more