How to choose an inexpensive white wine

In choosing such an exquisite drink as white wine, it is worth relying on your own tastes and preferences, giving a leading role to the composition, the region of manufacture, the presence of excise brand, and not a high price tag in an expensive store, because white wine a priori has a lower price than … Read more

How to choose a good wine

Instruction 1 Ideally, wine should be stored in a dark cellar at a reasonably low temperature, but in the shop it stands for all days on display case and illuminated by powerful lamps. This can cause it to be heated, and when heated, the wine spoils, so never buy warm bottles. 2 Note the date … Read more

How to make wine from boil

You’ll need – 1 liter of purified water; – 1 liter of any jam; – 120 grams of raisins or 300 grams of fresh grapes. Instruction 1 To prepare homemade wine, you can use currant, strawberry, raspberry or plum jam. It is recommended not to mix different types of jam, as you simply lose the … Read more

How to make wine from Isabella grapes

You will need – grape “Isabella” – 10 kg; – sugar – 1 kg; – food plastic container – glass bottle (5 liter or more); – rubber thin glove or water shutter. Instruction 1 The first procedure in the preparation of wine is the preparation of grapes.$ Brush grape berries with brushes and fill them … Read more

How to choose delicious champagne

What is champagne To begin with, you should determine exactly what champagne is. Champagne is a sparkling wine produced in the province of Champagne and complies with the norms of grape quality and aging. Even good sparkling wines like Italian bosca can’t be called champagne. Champagne wines can be very different from the other. You … Read more

How to make an apple sider

Natural drinks are useful and pleasant to taste. This is fully true of apple cider. It contains 6-7° of alcohol, so is a non-strong wine. Such a drink will be appropriate on the festive table, suitable for Sunday lunch. You can sometimes afford a glass of cider after work. Those who have their own garden … Read more

Top 5 cool and delicious sparkling wines except Champagne

In fifth place: Asti Asti is a wine area (Asti DOCG status) in northern Italy, in Piedmont and the same name sweet sparkling wine. Grape variety: white muscat, 100%. It’s the most understandable, light, pleasant, recognizable, bright. Honey floral fragrance and so on. Sugar, sweet, and at the same time quality, this sparkling appeal to … Read more

Most popular wines

Legendary French wines Although winemaking is not born in France, it is in this country that it has reached a very high level, which is equal to many others states. French champagne is known throughout the world, especially some of its brands. For example, in Russia since the 19th century, La veuve Clicquot champagne became … Read more

How to choose Champagne

Quality champagne produces many firms, so it is not worth to focus only on the name of the manufacturer when buying a drink. The choice of sparkling wine must be based primarily on the taste preferences of the buyer. But how to appreciate the novelty without having tasted alcoholic beverage? To do this you need … Read more

How to make white wine

You will need – grapes; – bottles; – tube; – caps. Instruction 1 For the preparation of homemade white wine the following grapes are suitable: “Sauvignon blanc”, “Riesling”, “Chardonnay”, “Pinot” grigio”, “Chenin blanc” and “Viognier”. In no case wash berries, as on their surface are natural yeast bacteria, which are responsible for further fermentation of … Read more