How do instant coffee

Instruction 1 Technology for the production of instant drinks was developed by the Japanese Satori Kano in 1901. There is a perception that he was developing this technology commissioned by the US government for the needs of the US army. And indeed, during the Second World War, instant coffee enjoyed incredible popularity among American soldiers. … Read more

How to cook green coffee

You will need – green coffee beans; – coffee grinder or stupa; – turka; – french press; – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, sugar (by desire). Instructions 1 If desired, you can fry the grains before making coffee. To do this, spread the grains on a red-hot pan and stir constantly with a spoon until they are … Read more

All About Coffee: Whats Arabica

Coffee trees Arabica species have fleshy dark green leaves, grey bark and fragrant white flowers. Fruits on trees appear at the same time as flowers. The fruits are distinguished by a beautiful purple or red color. They tie down throughout the year, maturing in six to eight months. Thus, the tree can also be present … Read more

Healing properties of tea puer

Useful properties of puera This amazing tea helps to concentrate attention, clarifies the course of thoughts, so people of mental labor are recommended to include puer in the list consumed beverages. And puer helps keep the body in tone for a long time without harming your health. A cup of puera after eating will help … Read more

Where to buy Krasnodar tea

History of Krasnodar Tea The first successful attempts to grow this heat-loving culture in the very north of the subtropics, in Krasnodar Krai, were made in 1906. From this time on the plantations of I.A.Koshman, located near Sochi near the coast of the Black Sea began to produce their own tea, immediately earned recognition of … Read more

How to choose a green tea

Instruction 1 Carefully examine the information on the package. Tea cannot simply be “Green”, the label must indicate the specific name, variety and place of collection. Ideally, information on the degree of fermentation and roasting should be written. 2 If there is this opportunity, it is better to prefer tea on occasion. Most of the … Read more

7 most important facts about coffee

1. “Cherry” is the correct name of coffee berry When a coffee berry ripens, it becomes a rich scarlet color and looks like cherry fruit. Professionals therefore called these fruits “cherries”. However, it tastes, of course, they are very different. The outer rind is bitter to taste, and the flesh is sour sweet, like that … Read more