How to cook a calyn tincture?

Therapeutic tincture on Kalin tincture will help with colds, hypertension and pulmonary diseases. For medicinal purposes it is necessary to take no more than three tablespoons of the drink after the meal. Tincture can be recommended and after especially hearty meals – a small shot will help to digest abundant food quickly. You will need:– … Read more

Grappa – hello from Italy

History of grappa According to legend, grappa was invented in the small town of Bassano Del Grappo, located in the famous Veneto region. Peasants, unwilling to throw away the waste of wine-making, distilled from it a strong alcoholic drink, ideal for keeping warm during the cold winter months, but with taste and aroma far from … Read more

Which cognac is the best

What is Cognac Frequent debate about which cognac is real and which is not, has been going on since the direct production of this drink transcended his homeland — France. For example, the French consider ice drinks produced exclusively in the provinces of Pty Champagne and Grand Champagne. At the same time certain grape varieties … Read more

How to drink vodka with pepper

This drink long ago became a permanent attribute and symbol of snowy and for many barbaric and unbridled Russia. It would seem that there is not a single person who does not know the basic rules of drinking this traditional drink. With pepper volley Vodka with pepper drink according to the same rules used to … Read more

How to cook vodka, tincture, liquor

Vodka from alcohol The quality of the home drink will depend directly on the purity and softness of the water. It is recommended to use bottled, for example, from the line of baby food – then the basis will not have to be further cleaned. However, alcohol needs to be prepared. For cleaning, pour it … Read more

Do black vodka produce

Who produces real black vodka? Ironically, in Russia, a country famous worldwide for its national vodka, few people know of the existence of a black “version” of a forty-degree drink. Dyeing vodka black in general does not present a problem, however most dyes are reflected on the quality, flavor or taste of the product, which … Read more