Benefit and harm of kwas

The benefit of kvasa Kvas is a fermentation product, which means that it contains organic acids. They stimulate the work of the stomach, so kvas is shown to all people with reduced gastric juice secretion. However, and everyone else kvas helps to digest heavy food. The same acids positively affect the gut microflora. The action … Read more

Honey gogogol moghol

You’ll need – 500 ml milk; – 5 eggs; – 2 tbsp lemon juice; – 2 tbsp honey. Instruction 1 Combine eggs, honey and milk in a blender. Whisk in the lush foam and add the lemon juice. Whisk again. 2 Ready honey gogol mogol pour over high glasses with handle. Serve to the table … Read more

How to boil compote from curtain

You’ll need a compote with rubbed dried apricots: – 3 liters of water; – 300 g of dried apricots; – 130 g of sugar. Compote of apricots with oranges: – 200 g of apricots; – 3 tablespoons of sugar; – 3 large oranges; – 2 liters of water. Instructions 1 Compote with rubbed apricots Try … Read more

How to cook cabbage juice

The benefit of cabbage juice Cabbage juice is rich in valuable nutrients – sugar, lactic acid, vitamin C. The resulting drink should have a characteristic of cabbage brine smell, taste, guaranteed ascorbic acid content – not less than 10%, acidity – not higher than 1.5% (in terms of apple) , salt – not more than … Read more

How to boil cranberry kisel

You’ll need – 50g fresh cranberries; – 2 tsp starch; – 3 tbsp sugar; – 250g water. Instruction 1 Move through the cranberries. To do this, remove all debris: twigs, leaves, rotten berries, insects, herbs and so on. Then rinse well under a jet of cold water, placing the cranberries in a sieve or colander. … Read more

Freshly squeezed juice. Drinking by the rules

You’ll need to take a little time to read. Instruction 1 All freshly squeezed juices have a dissipating effect. If you have bowel problems, then such juices are better given up. 2 If you have an ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, then such juices are also undesirable to drink. Because there is an increase in acidity in … Read more

What is useful alum?

Composition of kvass Real homemade kvass is an independent nutritious product, eating which you improve the overall well-being, fill the body with vitamins and micronutrients necessary for its life. They use kvas as a thirsty drink, as well as as a base for cold soups – botvigny, okroshka. Natural kvass consists of the following substances:– … Read more

How to cook kissel from a berry

You’ll need – 150g blackcurrant; – 150g lingonberries; – 150g cranberries; – 150g sugar sand; – 70g potato starch. Instructions 1 Prepare berries for the future of homemade kissel. Put the blackcurrants, cranberries and lingonberries into a colander and rinse well under a flowing jet of cool water. By the way, it is possible to … Read more

How to cook delicious summer seas

Refreshing drinks from summer berries and fruits well quench thirst and saturate the body with healthy vitamins. Unlike compotes, berry morses require minimal heat treatment, so the beneficial substances in them are preserved at maximum volume. An easy-to-cook drink benefits the whole body. Raspberry morse The aromatic drink of fresh raspberries has a very bright … Read more