How to cook berry liquor

Cherry liqueur Composition:– 1 kg cherry;– 1 liter of alcohol or cognac;– 1 liter of sugar syrup. Rinse the cherries, remove the bones and peduncles, fold in the jar, pour in a liter of alcohol or brandy. Leave to insist on 10-15 days. Stir the berries sometimes. Their sugars and water boil the sweet slightly … Read more

How to cook milk liquor

Recipe for milk liquor №1 Ingredients:– 500 ml milk;– 400 ml alcohol;– 400 g icing sugar;– vanillin bag;– half lemon. Cut half the lemon together with the peel in small pieces. Place all components in a glass jar, close it tightly. Filter the drink after two weeks, pour over the bottles, shut. Store the finished … Read more

Baylis liqueur in multivarke

You will need – 4 egg yolks; – 1 can of condensed milk; – 0,4 l. cream (20%); – 2 tbsp vanilla sugar; – 1 tbsp. spoon instant coffee; – 0.5 liters of good vodka. Instruction 1 Separate yolks from proteins and mix them thoroughly with condensed milk using a mixer. In the resulting mixture … Read more