How to make tequila boom

You will need – tequila Blanco (“light”) or Rlata (“silver”) – 50 ml; – carbonated drink “Sprite” – 0.5 cups; – crushed ice on to your taste. Instructions 1 Place in a special glass for making Old fashion cocktails with a very thick bottom of the ice cubes, after what to pour into the container … Read more

How to prepare an alcoholic cocktail “Black Russian”

Cocktail “Black Russian”: a classic recipe To prepare a real “Black Russian”, you need to buy a traditional “Kalua” liqueur from Pernod Ricard, made based on Mexican Arabica. This aromatic alcoholic drink drowns out the fortress of vodka and gives the cocktail an original, memorable taste and characteristic aroma. According to the accepted tradition, the … Read more

How to cook a burn

You’ll need – 1 liter red dry wine; – 200 g sugar sand; – 6 pieces cloves; – 0.5 teaspoon ground cinnamon; – 1 kg of crushed sugar in large chunks – 250 ml of rum – 0.5 cup of brandy – 150 g of dates – 100 g of glazed watermelon crust – 100 … Read more

Soft cocktails for children

Currant cocktail Ingredients:– 100 ml kefir;– 50 ml redcurrant juice;– 50 ml blackcurrant juice;– fresh berries;– 10 g icing sugar; – ice. Whisk the juices and kefir using a mixer, add icing sugar, stir. Pour the drink into the glass, add a few cubes of food ice and black and red currant berries for decoration. … Read more

Most Famous Cocktails;

Mojito This famous cocktail has a good refreshing effect, so it is best to drink during the warmer months. You will need:– 60 ml Cuban rum– half lime– 7 leaves of mint– 2 tbsp sugar– carbonated water, for example Perrier– pricked ice. There is no mint liqueur added to the classic mojito variant. Cook the … Read more

Cocktails for friends and girlfriends

You will need Cocktail “For a gentleman”: – Gin 100 ml; – Liqueur “Kuanto” 20 ml; – vermouth 20 ml; – absinthe 20 ml; – orange 1 pcs; – food ice. Cocktail “Raspberry evening”: – brandy 50 ml; – raspberry syrup 50 ml – rum 50 ml; – lemon 1 pcs; – food ice. Cotail … Read more

Milkshakes in blender

Instruction 1 Classic cocktailTo prepare this cocktail it is necessary to beat ice cream and milk in equal blender quantities. Further focus on your mood and taste and add – syrup, chocolate, clot, jam or nuts. You can decorate the drink with chocolate or coconut crumb. 2 Cocktail “Vanilla Sky”To prepare this cocktail it is … Read more

How to make a Cemetery cocktail

Cocktail “Graveyard of Mind”: method of preparation For the cocktail “Graveyard of Mind” you will need the following ingredients:– silver tequila (50 ml); – absinthe (40 ml);– Kahlua coffee liquor (20 ml);– Cointreau orange liqueur (20 ml). Important! Ice is not added to the cocktail, however, all the ingredients of the cocktail must be chilled. … Read more

How to cook a “Cherry Kiss” cocktail

You’ll need 1/2 lemon 110ml cherry juice 70ml pineapple juice 50ml cherry syrup shaker Instructions 1 Pour cherry juice into the shaker at the rate of 110 ml juice per 2 servings of a cocktail, then add cherry syrup. 2 From the lemon squeeze the juice and add 50 ml to the shaker. 3 Pineapple … Read more

How to make cocktails from “Bacardi”

Cuban rum Facundo Bacardi tried many technologies, and stopped at cleaning rum using the coal method, coal filtered all harmful impurities and thus rum acquired its mild taste. Sales of Bacardi rum increase every year and amount to millions of bottles, the popularity of the drink is due to the fact that it is very … Read more