How to make tequila boom

You will need – tequila Blanco (“light”) or Rlata (“silver”) – 50 ml; – carbonated drink “Sprite” – 0.5 cups; – crushed ice on to your taste. Instructions 1 Place in a special glass for making Old fashion cocktails with a very thick bottom of the ice cubes, after what to pour into the container … Read more

Why you cant reboil boiled water

When water can turn into an enemy People living in cities have long been accustomed to boiling water before drinking it. This action is aimed at eliminating various bacteria and microbes that feel perfectly in the raw liquid, but are collapsing under the influence of high temperatures. It is common for many to boil water … Read more

Benefit and harm of kwas

The benefit of kvasa Kvas is a fermentation product, which means that it contains organic acids. They stimulate the work of the stomach, so kvas is shown to all people with reduced gastric juice secretion. However, and everyone else kvas helps to digest heavy food. The same acids positively affect the gut microflora. The action … Read more

How do instant coffee

Instruction 1 Technology for the production of instant drinks was developed by the Japanese Satori Kano in 1901. There is a perception that he was developing this technology commissioned by the US government for the needs of the US army. And indeed, during the Second World War, instant coffee enjoyed incredible popularity among American soldiers. … Read more

How to cook berry liquor

Cherry liqueur Composition:– 1 kg cherry;– 1 liter of alcohol or cognac;– 1 liter of sugar syrup. Rinse the cherries, remove the bones and peduncles, fold in the jar, pour in a liter of alcohol or brandy. Leave to insist on 10-15 days. Stir the berries sometimes. Their sugars and water boil the sweet slightly … Read more

How to cook green coffee

You will need – green coffee beans; – coffee grinder or stupa; – turka; – french press; – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, sugar (by desire). Instructions 1 If desired, you can fry the grains before making coffee. To do this, spread the grains on a red-hot pan and stir constantly with a spoon until they are … Read more

Honey gogogol moghol

You’ll need – 500 ml milk; – 5 eggs; – 2 tbsp lemon juice; – 2 tbsp honey. Instruction 1 Combine eggs, honey and milk in a blender. Whisk in the lush foam and add the lemon juice. Whisk again. 2 Ready honey gogol mogol pour over high glasses with handle. Serve to the table … Read more

How to prepare an alcoholic cocktail “Black Russian”

Cocktail “Black Russian”: a classic recipe To prepare a real “Black Russian”, you need to buy a traditional “Kalua” liqueur from Pernod Ricard, made based on Mexican Arabica. This aromatic alcoholic drink drowns out the fortress of vodka and gives the cocktail an original, memorable taste and characteristic aroma. According to the accepted tradition, the … Read more