Oleg Zbarashchuk: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence  Perennial practice shows that it is very difficult to build capital with your own efforts and brains. Both hard and difficult, but you can. Oleg Anatolyevich Zbarashchuk convincingly confirms this thesis with his personal example. Some competitors and a certain part of the public claim that “unwind” it is helped by rich … Read more

Nina Kornienko: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Nina Grigorievna’s parents had nothing to do with creativity. Therefore, the daughter’s fascination was disapproved of. The girl herself has dreamed of artistic career since childhood. The path to the peaks The biography of a future celebrity began in 1943. The child appeared in Solikamsk on January 11. Creative abilities showed up early in the … Read more

Theatres of Russia: Lenkom

How it all started Lenkom opened its doors in 1927 as an amateur Workers’ Youth Theatre (TRAM). It staged original performances in which laziness, drunkenness, red tape were ridiculed. The productions were highly schematic, but still attracted the audience with novelty and boldness. Mikhail Bulgakov, Isaac Dunayevsky, Evgeny Kibrik worked in TRAM. In 1938, the … Read more