Dmitry Kursky: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Path to freedom is thorny. By overthrowing a dictatorship, people must remember that there will be those who propose, along with absurd rules, to send law and order to the landfill of history. Fighting such enthusiasts is addictive and turning yesterday’s troublemakers into supporters of tyranny. The biography of our hero is confirmed. His childhood … Read more

How to behave with gangs

Instruction 1 Fear not. The unspoken motto of prisons – “Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask” – is the most successful for communication with a criminal. You can study martial arts for decades, have many connections, in your pocket a gun, and behind your sinus a knife, but if when meeting a thug you … Read more

How to find a missing man

Accident Registration Office No way can be slow to search for a person, the road every minute. First of all, contact the accident registration office of a particular city. This organization is engaged in the database of names and data on people who have been victims of accidents, disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks. Information on the … Read more

Getting an electronic pass when self-isolation

Due to coronavirus, electronic pass systems are being introduced in selected regions of the country. They are needed for the ability of people to move around the city without violating the imposed self-isolation regime. Under the new rules, leaving the apartment is allowed only in emergency situations. These include going to a pharmacy or store, … Read more

Consequences of the Chernobyl AES disaster

First victims of the disaster The first victims of a powerful radioactive leak were workers at a nuclear power plant. A nuclear reactor explosion claimed the lives of two workers at once. Several more died in the next few hours, and within days, deaths among workstations continued to rise. People were dying of radiation sickness. … Read more

How to keep our planet

Instruction 1 To help the planet save for posterity, you need to start small. For example, with saving electricity. To do this, buy energy-saving light bulbs instead. Overnight, unplug computers from sockets. Install the voltage stabilizer in the house, which aligns the energy coming into the house to the desired 220 V, will allow home … Read more