What religion Armenians mainly practise

The religion of Armenia is very diverse. It includes Christianity, Islam, Yazidism and Frenghi. The majority of Armenian residents are people of faith. The most common religion is believed to be Christianity. Christianity in Armenia About 94% of the total population preaches Christianity and belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church. This church is one of … Read more

How to convert to Islam in Moscow

Rejection of past faith Before you convert to Islam, you must renounce your previous faith. Although all the world’s religions (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) preach the principles of good and respect, the transition to a new faith is negatively perceived by most followers of your former religion. The very procedure of “renunciation” as presented in many … Read more

Why you cant give icons

People’s Belief: icons can not be given In the people it is considered that by giving an icon, people can cause damage. And since the face of the saints is in a prominent place, in the room where people most often are, the effect of this spoilage strengthens every day. Householders start swearing and quarreling … Read more

How to live according to the gospel;

You will need – the gospels of Luke, Matthew, Mark, John. Instruction 1 To begin living according to the gospel, study the earthly path of Jesus Christ described in the Bible. The Bible includes four canonical gospels officially adopted in Christianity. These are the gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and of John. Despite the fact … Read more

What are Japanese Gods

Origin of Japanese gods At the beginning of the Japanese cosmogony were the high celestial gods, or the five Koto Amatsukami. They created heaven and earth. Then Kamiyō Nanayō or Seven Generations of the Divine Age came down to earth, two of whom — brother with sister and divine consort Izanagi and Izanami — created … Read more

Culinary traditions in the great post

The principles of Lenten Nutrition Post is a time of spiritual cleansing and concentration on the religious component of life. This is especially true for Lent – the longest and preceding the main Orthodox holiday – Easter. Fasting implies self-limitation, including in nutrition. Prohibitions on eating certain foods are closely related to the rest of … Read more