Eugene Mukhin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Starting conditions  In the early 1990s, when the economy of the Russian Federation was transitioning to market mechanisms of functioning, many citizens did not have specific knowledge. There were very few reliable sources of information on how to start your business, too. Yevgeny Davydovich Mukhin at that time held the position of chief engineer at … Read more

What is Euromaidan

Instruction 1 In the Ukrainian language the word “Maidan” came from Persian and means open square. 2 In Kiev the central square is called Maidan Nezalezhnosti – Independence Square. All the most significant rallies in the country take place in this place, where the point of view can be expressed not only by the current … Read more

Anastasia Filatova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

A chance meeting with Mongolian party figure Yumzhagiin Tsedenbal, who came to Russia, determined her entire fate. Biography Born Anastasia Ivanovna Filatova in 1920 in the town of Sapozhok, Ryazan region. The times were difficult, disturbing, but Nastya was a brave girl and all the difficulties endured easily. She graduated and wanted to go to … Read more

How Dagestans treat Chechens

Origins of the conflict of Chechens and Dagestans  In 1944 several hundred thousand were deported from the villages of the border region of Dagestan to Central Asia and Kazakhstan Chechens (along with Ingush) during Operation Lentil. The reason was the accusation of Chechens and Ingush for mass evasion of opposition to fascist Germany. Lavrenty Pavlovich … Read more