What are ponts

Understated self-esteem One of the reasons “ponts” is understated self-esteem. Man seeks to assert himself among others, to show that he is superior to them in something. When such aspiration is observed in a teenager, there is nothing terrible about it. It is common for a person in adolescence to look for his place in … Read more

People who steal our forces

And remember the moment the forces left you. This is important because it is while communicating with each other that we gain or lose the energy, strength and joy of life. Yes, it’s about the very energy vampires who sometimes explicitly and sometimes discreetly steal our energy. Let’s try to classify them according to common … Read more

Where to complain about drivers

Instruction 1 First of all, remember the number of the car driven by the driver you would like to complain about. Such a room is located on the front, back, and sometimes on the side of public transport. 2 Next action is to call the city phone number of your city’s Urban Transportation Authority hotline. … Read more

Who are the stings

14-18th century Chulym Turks move over and actively populate the Chulym River basin, their culture is saturated with echoes of Khakas, Tatar and even Mongolian traditions. Their main occupation is considered fishing and hunting of fur-oriented direction, in which the indigenous population of Siberia, it is necessary to say, succeeded significantly. Today, the Chulymans live … Read more

How millionaires live

Instruction 1 Every cent on the account. Among dollar millionaires, there’s not such a large percentage of people who poke with money. Trips to clubs, expensive booze and frivolous girls are not about them. People leading such lives are most often either children of millionaires or at all to millions have nothing to do with. … Read more

What is sin

Sin – a retreat from traditional ways imposed by a religious denomination or from traditions dictated by public opinion, the creation of passions and temptations Eve is a voluptuous snake. Every one at least once in his life has heard the tale of seven sins, among them pride, greed, fornication, envy, love of food, anger … Read more

How should you give flowers by label

How to choose the right flowers Once in the language of flowers it was possible to conduct whole dialogues – quarrel, confess love, forgive and even threaten. In the modern world, only the most general outlines of this “passion alphabet” remained from this “passion alphabet”. So, behind scarlet, lush roses, the title of symbol of … Read more

How to get rid of the guests

Instruction 1 Show care for your buddies. Time is later, the subway will close soon, the last bus is about to leave. Call yourself to see what time the necessary transport leaves, offer to call the girlfriend’s husband and ask her to meet. The guests, most likely, will not notice that you evoke them, but … Read more

Mark Barton: a brief biography

Starting conditions The  profession of psychologist is very popular with the population of civilized countries. Nor is Russia an exception in this regard. Mark Viktorovich Barton is one of the leading experts in psychology. He serves as a co-host on various Russian Television channels. Conducts thematic relationship seminars and consultations for people caught up in … Read more