What is gender

Difference between the concepts of gender and sex Until a certain time it was believed that the sex trait is immutable and independent of the will of the individual. However, the presence of certain genitals in a newborn child does not yet mean that it clearly refers to boys or girls. For example, in the … Read more

Soy lecithin or palm oil — which is harmful

Biological supplements to food have varying degrees of significance. But in most part they all apply to make the production of products cheaper. However, a number of requirements in the manufacture of certain food products can still not be violated, here manufacturers and come up with, as possible, without degrading the nutritional value of the … Read more

How you can pass a paternity analysis

How to properly carry out the preparatory phase If you decide to carry out such a procedure, it is necessary to stock up on official documents: passport, $ medical records, birth certificate of a minor child and insurance policy.$ Take into account financial opportunities, as the cost of genetic expertise is not less than twenty … Read more

Why you cant reboil boiled water

When water can turn into an enemy People living in cities have long been accustomed to boiling water before drinking it. This action is aimed at eliminating various bacteria and microbes that feel perfectly in the raw liquid, but are collapsing under the influence of high temperatures. It is common for many to boil water … Read more