How to add language to Windows

Instruction 1 Select the desired languages from the list during Windows installation. This option is often ignored, so the system may have English or another language when the installation is complete. 2 Make sure you have a configured internet connection. In some cases, Windows automatically loads the appropriate language during installation. Also carefully read the … Read more

How to swap windows xp to windows 7

Prepare for system update Connect your computer to the Internet so that updates can be downloaded during installation. Close the antivirus program and all user applications currently open. Insert the Windows 7 boot disk into the drive and wait for the installer to start. On the main menu, select Update to Windows 7. In this … Read more

How to add a theme to Windows

Instruction 1 Run Control Panel and go to Screen Properties. On the “Design” tab, you can specify different color scheme options for system windows and tulbars, set a different font and desktop wallpaper. You can save the created options and then use them as topics by selecting them on the Themes tab. 2 Download and … Read more

How to change program installation path

How to select a path when installing a program  When installing most programs, the installer asks for a directory in which to place the folder with files. At the same time, the installation location offers the C folder: Program Files. At the same time, the Setup Wizard reports the amount of free disk space and … Read more

Why cant delete file

Error: The file is used by another program As a rule, open applications prohibit other programs from using files. For example, you can’t delete an audio file after listening unless you close the media player. To delete a file created in Word from a folder, you must close this text editor. Therefore, if the message … Read more

How to disable password in windows xp

Instruction 1 Left-click on the Start key in the lower left corner of the workman screen. This menu will also open if you click the button on the keyboard with the image of the Windows logo. 2 In the Start menu at the bottom right, locate the Execute line and place the mouse cursor on … Read more

How to install windows 7 from disk

BIOS Settings Turn off your computer and start it again. When loading, press Delete, F2, F10, or other key (depending on the type of motherboard). As a result, you get into the computer’s BIOS settings. Go to Boot and select Boot Device Priority. You will see a list that specifies the order of the computer … Read more

How to make more font per page

Instruction 1 If discomfort delivers small screen resolution, you should set the desired parameters in its settings. Log in to the desktop menu, right-click on the free space and select Desktop Properties. 2 Next, you need to open the “Design” tab. Log in to the tab, select the Font Size field again. Click the tab … Read more