Can pregnant people seal tooth

Reasons for going to the dentist All people need to visit the dentist regularly in order to assess the oral condition in time and, if necessary, $ cure the beginning tooth decay. If a pregnant woman has hypersensitivity of teeth, there are unpleasant sensations when eating acidic, sweet, cold or hot food – this is … Read more

Pregnancy: choose childmin

Choice of maternity hospital: what prioritizes Young inexperienced expectant mothers think that the main thing in the maternity hospital is a separate ward and delicious food. This is important, but it is even more important to pay attention to the composition of doctors who take birth. It is from obstetrician-gynecologist, nurse and anesthesiologist that depends … Read more

Alcohol and pregnancy

 Ethyl alcohol penetrates very easily from the blood through the placenta to the fetus. It has a toxic and destructive effect on the baby. After taking alcohol by the mother, blood circulation slows down in the fetus. Because of this, the child has oxygen fasting, which entails a metabolic disorder.  During pregnancy, a woman’s body … Read more

How music affects pregnancy

Does a child hear music? The question of whether a child in uterus perceives external sounds in early terms remains formally open until now, as there is no unequivocally supporting data from this theory. However, since hearing organs are formed in the seventh week of life, and already in the ninth on ultrasound you can … Read more

On what terms do unzies

Ultrasound is based on the principle of passing sound waves through water. The soft tissue of the child, near fetal waters and sheaths to varying degrees absorb and reflect sound. The device captures all the data, and the doctor decrypts it. If the pregnancy proceeds well, without complications, the woman is prescribed one ultrasound in … Read more