How to choose a baby babysitt

When deciding on such an important case as the selection of domestic staff to whom you are going to entrust your child, you should try to avoid common errors. 1. Being inconsiderate of the babysitter’s recommendations can serve you poor service. When deciding on your child, it is necessary to try everything as you should … Read more

How to accustom a child to polity

Instruction 1 Many serious skills children can be taught in the process of playing. Politeness is no exception. You can play with your child skits with elements of the traditions of tea party, romantic date or just polite communication. The boy in the process of playing can be taught respectfully to girls, to give way, … Read more

Whip and Carrot Method

You’ll need a little time from you. Instruction 1 Can’t compare a toddler with others. As statistics show, those who have never been compared to people around them grow up more successful. 2 Develop initiative in the child. Praise even if you were expecting a different result. So you will move the child to new … Read more

6 magic words for parents

Instruction 1 “Yes if” instead of “No”. A simple “No” without explanation is an extra reason for another children’s tantrum. Replace it with “Maybe” or “Yes if”. Try to negotiate with the kid that if he puts away his toys, then you will go for a walk however he wants. In this case, it is … Read more

Where apply to garden

Instruction 1 First you need to queue for a place in kindergarten. Municipal preschool institutions of the city by law must provide seats for all parents. In practice, late queuing can wait for kindergarten when it is time to lead the child to school. 2 To apply for a queue for kindergarten, contact the local … Read more

How to spell a characteristic on a child

Instruction 1 In a situation where a child moves from nursery to kindergarten, from younger group to middle and then to senior, changes or ends school, on it is written a characteristic. Characteristics is a text related to the official business style. Accordingly, it should contain some necessary elements for speed and ease of familiarization … Read more