How to properly bathe a newborn baby

Instruction 1 Bathe newborn should only be when the umbilical wound has already healed. 2 Bathe baby in boiled water. It should be no higher than 37 degrees. Various decoctions should be added to the bath: chamomile, succession, manganese solution, sea salt. 3 At the end of the bathing procedure, treat hydrogen peroxide and anoint … Read more

9 “no” for moms toddlers

Instruction 1 Breasts need to be drunk with natural freshly squeezed juices. All well-known firms carefully check their products for the quality and content of vitamins required for children. And fruit bought at the store may contain nitrates. 2 Baby food contains preservatives, because create a long-term storage product. It’s not, manufacturers don’t add preservatives … Read more

How to wash baby things

Washing children’s things in the early years of a toddler’s life becomes one of the most frequent treatments. Clothes and bed linen are dirty fast enough and also require careful care. First of all, the sensitivity of a young child to all aggressive environmental manifestations requires a particularly cautious approach in the choice of washing … Read more

How to get rid of spreads in a baby

Instruction 1 Timely change of diaper. To prevent the appearance of desalination, pediatricians advise changing diapers every 3 hours, regardless of its filling. Every time changing, diaper wash the baby, but don’t forget that the soap dries the delicate skin of the baby. Therefore, bathing the child, use detergents no more than 2 times a … Read more

How to swaddle

You will need – a diaper; – a swoop; – an oil suitable for the skin of babies – a diaper. Instructions 1 Before dressing and swaddling a child, you need to treat his skin with oil, and buttocks and groin – a sleeve. Gently take the handle and wipe with a cotton coat dipped … Read more