From what age can you give children mushrooms

Why should you be careful with mushrooms? A baby’s digestion isn’t quite enough yet to digest mushrooms without consequences. Children’s organisms do not produce the right amount of enzymes to process the protein that is found in fungi. Therefore, the child can be poisoned even with edible and absolutely safe for the adult mushrooms. Such … Read more

How kids get into a cult under the guise of school

One time was widely known, such as a cult called “School of the Schetinin”. One of Russia’s leading sector scientists, Alexander Dvorkin, said that this cult was supported by a senior official who admired the progressive methods of teaching at this school, sincerely surprised that such a wonderful school belongs to sects, shared plans to … Read more

How to transport a newborn in a car

You will need – car carrycot; – child car seat. Instruction 1 Select the restraint device. For a very young child, the carrycot is the most suitable. True, the baby out of it will grow up pretty quickly. In addition, the carrycot is less durable than the chair, and space in the car takes considerably … Read more

How to put a raincoat on a stroll

Instruction 1 Choose the rain cover for the stroller according to its design and size. If it is made according to the type of transformer, then, accordingly, purchase a protective agent for such a model. There are versatile raincoats, suitable for different models of strollers. Before buying, ask the seller to put a raincoat on … Read more

Writing desk for schoolboy: how to choose

Workspace organization Think about what functions the desk will perform, whether you need extra space for a computer or laptop where you will keep books, textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. Write down all necessary parameters for you. If there is not too much space in the apartment, be sure to fill the maximum dimensions … Read more

How to choose a stroller for an baby

Instruction 1 To start deciding under what weather conditions you need a stroller. Depending on the time of year, the stroller may be weighted or lightened, with or without folding top, with large wheels or vice versa. If you are not interested in these questions, then stop your choice on a demi-season stroller. It will … Read more