Where to turn for child help

Instruction 1 Explain to the child where they should call if anything happens to them. Tell him the main phone numbers of the city’s rescue services – 01, 02 and 03, and 112 – for calls from a mobile phone. Tell us, in which cases you need to immediately dial the corresponding number. If the … Read more

How to feed a fat baby

Look out One of the most important things in this case, understand whether bad appetite poses a threat to the baby’s health or not. If a young child always eats little, but at the same time is cheerful and healthy – then most likely, there is no reason for concern. Just his body is enough … Read more

What cough syrup can a child of 7 months

Inception of illness At the first symptom of a cold, you should contact a pediatrician. The child is very small, and can’t tell himself what or how it hurts. Therefore, in order to properly diagnose and prescribe treatment, you need a consultation of a specialist, in some cases it is necessary to take tests. Cough … Read more

What to do if a child has increased lymphocytes

Often, when receiving blood tests, parents pay attention to the number of white blood cells and the rate of settling red blood cells, considering that only these indicators are capable of reflecting the inflammation in the body. If there is an increase in other digits, such as lymphocytes, parents may even begin to panic. Although … Read more

Tips for choosing a crib for a child from 3 years

Material selection Bed for child 3 years and above should be made of durable and environmentally friendly material. These can be the following types of wood: ash, oak, hornbeam, birch, beech. Usually the tree is covered with varnish, which reliably prevents the appearance of drifts in the child. If children’s furniture is covered with paint … Read more

Breath Odor Problem in Children

Newborns and breast-babies should smell milk from the mouth, because in the body of such a baby is inhabited by dairy bacteria, which while suppress the development of other bacteria. Morning smell should not disturb parents, because at night children do not eat, which means that in the mouth little saliva is released and “extra” … Read more

How to newborns give vitamin D

Instruction 1 Vitamin D is called a group of biologically active substances, including ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol. Children give it to prevent rickets. In natural conditions vitamin D is formed in the skin under the influence of sunlight, so its intake is prescribed for children up to three years from September to May — that is, … Read more

How to keep a child from nightmares

Causes of nightmares It is important to find out what is the cause of nightmares, it will help to pick up the right method of fighting bad dreams. Quite often, temperatures can cause unpleasant and terrible dreams. If you notice signs of illness for your child, take him to a doctor. If nightmares were provoked … Read more