Whats good for a child

Conditions For the full development of the child, parents must create optimal conditions. They involve meeting the necessary hygienic requirements. Keeping the house clean is one of the basic health of all family members, especially the baby. The child needs to grow up in an educational environment. For its design you can use toys that … Read more

What to do if a child at 2 doesnt talk

What do parents do if the child doesn’t speak? You want the child to talk to him more often! In most cases, the parents’ fears are baseless. Still, waiting passively, hoping he’ll talk himself whenever he wants, isn’t worth it. If parents want the child to speak up soon, they should sensibly stimulate it. Try … Read more

How newborns see

Instruction 1 The sight of a newborn baby is in many ways different from that of an adult. Only having come to light, the baby sees at a distance of about 40 cm, but the gaze is not fixed on objects. You can say that the first week of their life, a child only distinguishes … Read more

How self-esteem affects the child

You need to allocate a little time to read. Instruction 1 Any self – esteem has an impact on development, on further life.$ All complexes, thoughts, actions flow smoothly from self-esteem. 2 If self-esteem is overstated. The child does not strive to develop further. Why would he need it. He can do everything. Such a … Read more

7 gestures of a child who doesnt speak yet but really wants to say something to you

“Removes” hair near the ear  For early infancy, frequent changes in sleep and waking periods are typical. At the time of accumulation of fatigue, it is important to help the child calm down and fall asleep, otherwise he may become overtired, become moody and crying. Perhaps some parents are familiar with the situation, when the … Read more

How the world sees child

Instruction 1 Scientists have refuted grandmothers’ claims that the newborn sees the world upside down. When born, children see the environment around them just as we do. And despite the fact that the child’s visual apparatus is not yet perfect and completely unformed, he has three-dimensional vision, he distinguishes between objects and shapes of what … Read more